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Fellowship Application

About The Program

The Vencapital Fellowship program was created to help minorities and women learn about venture financing and grow their investor network. Fellows accepted into the program get the opportunity to work with some of the top-tie VC firms in our network as analysts and venture scouts.


The program is set up as an apprenticeship experience combining venture capital training with contract placement within venture firms. The training and mentorship is led by VC mentors in the program with access to our online learning and deals sourcing tools and platforms. 


Fellows that complete the training will get matched with VC firms in our network where they will engage in deal sourcing and execution, perform market analysis, provide portfolio support and work on platform projects. 

Spring Program

March 4th, 2024

Program Format

Remote (8 Weeks)

Summer Program

May 6th, 2024 

Program Cost

$1,500 (Upfront Payment)

Fall Program

Sept 2nd, 2024

Summer Deadline

April 16th, 2024

Required Skills & Experience

  • Academic levels (Seniors, Grads & MBA students)

  • Possess strong critical thinking and analytical skills 

  • Able to review and assess investments pitches during meetings. 

  • Can perform market research and financial analysis 

  • A team player able to work with others to a achieve common goal  

  • Diverse Background and experience with compelling story (Black, Latinx, Asian, LGBTG & female students/grad preferred)

  • Deep passion and hunger for entrepreneurship

  • A champion of innovation and venture ecosystem builder

  • Possesses great writing and communication skills. 



  • We look at non-traditional places (HBCUs, Minority Programs and Platforms) to find great and exceptional candidates that are passionate about entrepreneurship that can champion innovation within any given industry vertical.

  • All applications undergoes a rigorous screening process to be selected and enrolled into the program. Applicants are notified of their application status after the application deadline has passed. 

  • Accepted candidates are announced after all scheduled interviews have been completed and details about the program sent to them,  including start date, program schedule, placement firms etc.

Program Benefits 

As a venture accelerator, we provide entry-level experience for minorities and women seeking career opportunity in venture finance. Through our program fellows receive practical venture finance training and mentorship, with on-demand interview prepping and general VC/PE career guidance.

We also offer free Investor Pass to demo days and tech events to help fellows gain industry exposure and build founder investor relationships. Fellows also get the opportunity to work with top-tie Venture firms within our network as Investment analyst and venture scouts. Past fellows have interned at Sequoia Capital, K50 Venture, Flourish Ventures, Harlem Capital, and more. 


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