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Welcoming Vencapital 8th Class of Minority & Female Venture Fellows

We are excited to welcome our fall 2022 class of minority and female venture fellows. They were carefully selected from a pool of over 500 applications and represent the racial and gender diversity that we bring to the industry. The racial make up of the cohort includes; 34.4% Black, 27.3% Asian, 12.1 Hispanic, 12.1% two or more races, 9.09% white, 3.03% American Indian/Alaskan Native. The cohort is also majority female (66.7% female). In the next 8 weeks they will embark on a life changing adventure to learn from experienced investors and cultivate skills and networks that will position them for success and some of the fellows will get the opportunity intern with some of the top-tie VC firms in our network.

As a minority-focused VC fellowship program, we remain committed to empowering the next generation of Black, Latinx, Asian, LGBTQ, and female Venture Capitalists, and do so by sourcing, training, and placing quality minorities and female talents into venture firms to improve their talent pipeline and give fellows an opportunity to get their foot in the door. The program is led by experienced VC mentors and instructors from firms such as NEA, Andreessen Horowitz, .406 Ventures, Index Ventures, Dell Technology Capital, Glasswing Ventures, Capria VC, Underscore VC, Beyond Capital Fund, NEVCA, and many more!

We look forward to another fun and exciting venture fellowship experience with the incoming class and can't wait to get started in the coming weeks. To learn more about the class and to follow their journey, check out their profiles here!

If interested in joining the program our early application is now open for the summer 2023 program. Firms interested in sourcing talent through our program can use this form to sign up. We will be placing fellows with participating firms from this fall to the spring of 2023.

Welcome, Fall Class of 2022!


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