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Introducing Vencapital's 4th Class of Minority & Female Venture Fellows

We are super excited to welcome our 4th class of talented operators and aspiring venture capital investors into the program this fall. They come from non-traditional backgrounds and have unique experiences that is shaping their approach to venture finance. They will be learning from VC mentors/instructors and will get placed at various VC firms, including Sequoia Capital, Capria VC, Beyond Capital Fund, Rethink Education and Ligo Partners.

As a minority focused VC accelerator program we are committed to helping the next generation of Black, Latinx, LGBTQ and female MBA & grad students explore career opportunities in venture finance. Our mission is to improve diversity in venture capital and private equity and we are doing so by sourcing, training and placing qualified minorities and female talents into venture firms to help improve their talent pipeline.

The program is led by experienced VC mentors and instructors that are committed to this mission and the work we do will not be possible without their support. Earlier this year, despite Covid-19, we welcomed our 3rd class of minority and female VC fellows. They where able to learn remotely and land internship opportunities at various Venture Capital firms including Bessemer Venture Partners, K50 Ventures and Rebel One Ventures.

The work continues and we look forward to another fun and exciting venture experience.

Welcome Fall Class of 2020!


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